In the studio we accept cash, cheque, or visa/mastercard. Cheques can be made payable to Hepcat Swing. We also provide online registration in advance with online payment.

6-Week Progressive Classes

$100 CAD, general (including HST) $90 CAD, member or student (including HST)

You can register for six week session either at the studio on the first day of class (please arrive early), or online in advance to secure your spot. Payment can be provided in studio or online.

Private Lessons

ca. $40-70 CAD per hour (No tax)

Rates vary by instructor - see the private lessons page for more information.

Retaking Classes (Members Only)

$20 CAD (including HST) NOTE: Some classes are exceptions to the retake rate.

Here at the Hepcat Swing, we have a special philosophy about learning. We do not endorse the standard methods used by schools where after you finish one grade you progress to the next and you don’t worry too much about that concept that you didn’t really understand.

Instead, we readily encourage students to take a class over as many times as they want to. They could even switch roles and learn what the other side feels like. Students find that when they take a class the second time they are able to apply the concepts better and they hear content that they may have missed the first time. In order to facilitate this kind of continuing education we offer a special discount to anyone who wants to take a class over.

Here is how it works:

For members only, any class that you have already paid for and completed you are welcome to revisit at a discounted rate. If you are going to be taking a new class in that same stream (e.g., Swing or West Coast) then you may retake the completed class at no additional charge. However, if you are not taking a class in the same stream as the class you would like to revisit then you pay $20.

Refunds and cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.