Jam Sessions

An institution since 2013, Thursday Hepcat Jam Sessions are a weekly opportunity for musicians, dancers and listeners of all levels of ability to gather, dance, and create music together. We focus on jazz music from the swing era, but repertoire and styles vary from week to week depending on who shows up. Jam sessions occur on Friday evenings - in cold or wet weather, we meet at the Hepcat Swing Studio from 6:30-8:00; when the weather is fair, we meet on the boardwalk on Silver Lake in Waterloo Park. A keyboard, electric guitar and amplifier, drum kit, and upright bass are available for anyone to play, or you can bring your own instrument.

Join us on Fridays!
Cold/Rainy Days: 6:30-8:00 pm at the Hepcat Swing Studio
Fair Weather: 6:30-8:00 pm at the Silver Lake boardwalk in Waterloo Park.

The core of our repertory comes from two digital fakebooks, the Firehouse Jazz Band Fake Book (~109 MB) and the Creole Jazz Band Fake Book (~2 MB). Load them onto your tablet, or look at a few tunes ahead of time and play out of one of the hard copies provided at the jam. Or if there's a tune you like that's not in the books, we can give it a try if you bring enough copies of the lead sheet to go around.

To get weekly updates on the jam sessions (particularly notifications when we move to the park or go back to the studio), sign up here: The Hepcat Jam Sessions Google Group or join the Facebook Group.