Get Involved

Are you interested in helping out? Do you want to help the studio run and grow, and be a part of what makes our not-for-profit organization successful?

Our Hepcats community is built on the work of our many volunteers, and there are always more things we can use help with. This studio wouldn’t be possible without the help of not only our dancers and members, but our generous volunteers as well! Although volunteers are not paid, we do provide some small benefits in other ways, such as free entry to events.

We’ll do our best to find a good fit for your skills and interests. Currently, there are positions available as part of Board committees and as operational team volunteer roles - have a read through below to see what appeals to you!

Volunteer Roles

Key volunteers make it possible for Hepcat Swing to function. As we enter a period of needing to change our operations and events dependent on COVID best practices, it will be more important than ever to have these key volunteers at the ready. Please apply for any role you are interested in by emailing the Executive Director.

Dance Coordinators: Oversee all aspects of the Monday night dances. Check in with various other coordinators to ensure volunteers are in place. Answer any questions during the dance; resolving concerns as they arise. Advise ED if there is a foreseeable obstacle to dance safety and success. Two or more Dance Coordinators are required.  

Intro Lesson Coordinator: Recruits volunteers from among approved instructors and ensures they are aware of intro lesson format, and of any new procedures relevant to the pandemic or other contingencies. Schedules intro lesson instructors for each Monday night. Informs Head Instructors of any complaints or concerns regarding intro lesson instruction.  

DJ Coordinator: Recruits, trains, and schedules DJs for Monday night dances and special event dances. Provides additional training opportunities as required.  

Front Desk Organizer: Recruits, trains, and schedules volunteers to manage the front desk from open through to close for Monday night dances and any special events. Additional tasks may be required due to COVID-19.  

Social Media Coordinator: Posts content to official social media accounts and monitors accounts for communication requests and mentions by members and public. Advises ED of any concerns regarding mentions and communications. This role may be filled by more than one person.  


If you're interested in joining our crew, contact us anytime!

If you are interested in teaching, please tell us about yourself here, or chat with us at