Our Values

Hepcat Swing is a not-for-profit dance community that offers social dances and classes in a safe, inclusive environment. Our mission is to promote joy and connection through a love of all styles of swing and blues dance.


We embody transparency and accountability in our interactions with one another and we act in accordance with the values expressed here. We agree to be worthy of the trust we place in one another as dance partners and as fellow humans.

Collaborative Community

We promote camaraderie and mutual respect towards each and every person in our community, regardless of our differences, backgrounds and beliefs.


We value all expressions of joy, especially the happiness we feel in each other’s company and through the practice of dance. We encourage everyone to bring a sense of fun into all aspects of working together at Hepcats.

Collaborative Connection

We foster meaningful partnerships and a willingness to collaborate on and off the dance floor. We build connection through clear consent and genuine care for the well-being of ourselves and others.


We support our community members’ personal growth and capacity for creativity, encouraging everyone to reach their highest potential both as dancers and as people.



You can find a copy of our by-laws for review here