A membership makes you a part owner of our not-for-profit organization. It gives you the power to vote and elect the directors of the board at the annual general meeting. You have a voice to determine where we go in the future! You can buy or renew your membership online, or at the studio in person.

What benefits do members have?

As a member, you will receive discounts:
$2 off weekly classes
$15 off regular priced classes -- this does not apply to retakes, Flamenco or Impact classes.

We may offer discounts to special events. If in doubt, ask the front desk or contact us.

How much is a membership?

Memberships cost $50. They are valid for one year from the date of sale. You'll save the cost of membership after ten dances and two regular-priced classes!

Where and when can I buy a membership?

Memberships are on sale at the front desk all year round, or you can buy them online.