Get Involved

With all of the events and activities each week, there are many opportunities for you to become more involved in the Hep Cat community. We’ve come up with a suggested list of volunteer activities, but these are by no means the only things you can do.

Since volunteers are essential to the running of the community and we always want to recognize your efforts; in the past volunteers have received free admission to dances or traded volunteer hours for classes. Of course if you want to donate your time without compensation that is also an option.

  • Dance
    Coming out regularly and dancing with as many people as possible is the most important way to get involved. Without the dancers there is no community.
  • Door Volunteer
    Each week we need volunteers to sit at the door and greet people as they come in, collect admission, and be available to answer questions.
  • Greet
    If you just love meeting new people and making them feel welcome this is a great way for you to contribute. Each week we have new people coming out and it is always wonderful to have someone welcoming them to the community.
  • DJ
    There are many opportunities for you to share your swing library with everyone. If you already know how to DJ that is wonderful! We also hold training sessions occasionally to teach people how to DJ for the dances.
  • MC
    Introduce the bands and deliver announcements on Monday nights.
  • Advertise
    Distribute flyers and posters around town, help with design and ad campaigns, or anything else you can think of that fits in this category.
  • Teach
    This could be anything from the intro class on Monday, one of the 6-week series classes, or maybe you went to an event and learned a new routine you want to share as a one day special class.
  • Organize
    Have an idea for a dance night, a social event or anything really! Come talk to us and we can help you get started.
  • Sponsor
    You have extra money, but not so much extra time, great! In the past dancers have sponsored others to attend classes, dances and events.
  • Host
    Invite the dancers to come and spend the evening at your place. We’ve had potlucks, game nights, and late night blues dancing where a fellow dancer has opened up their house to host a community event.
  • Finance
    Bookkeepers and data entry are always things that need doing.
  • Love
    Should be self explanatory. Love the dance, the music, the people, yourself, the community. The more love we spread the happier we all will be :)