Waterloo Throwback Blues Night

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Workshop with international instructor Jeff Benoit.

Jeff has been dancing and teaching internationally since 2000. He has been an instructor, DJ, and/or special guest at numerous events such as Cheap Thrills (St.Louis), Blues Shout (San Francisco), MezzJelly Blues (Pittsburg, Raleigh, Waterloo), Capital Blues (Washington), Tangoed-Up-In-Blues (San Francisco), Canadian Swing Dance Championships (Quebec) and many more. He was in the Guinness Book of World Records for longest dance party (53hrs). He was the leader of the Waterloo dance scene for many years in the 2000s for his company Addicted To Dancing including the Blues Junkie Exchange. He’s known far and wide as one of the yummiest leads anywhere, and was instrumental in putting Waterloo on the international dancing map.

He possesses a university degree in Kinesiology (the study of human movement) and his knowledge of motor learning, anatomy, and biomechanics are applied throughout classes. This helps build solid dance skills for students rather than just a series of patterned movements. Instruction is based on key principles that can be applied to all forms, figures and styles of dancing so students can put their own individuality into their dancing. He goes beyond telling students what to do and explains how to do it. This makes dancing feel good and allows students to truly experience and share dancing with their partner rather than just doing a bunch of patterned movements at their partner.


Class 1: Back in the Groove
Explore the fundamentals of dancing from Jeff’s unique perspective as he digs deeper into his key principles of dancing. These are concepts and skills that can never be mastered and should be endlessly improved. Add more depth and character to your dancing. Learn how to share the dance with your partner and make your dancing feel better.

Class 2: Spice Up Your Blues
Apply the fundamental principles from class 1 to expand your blues dancing repertoire. Learn some figures and techniques that are a fusion of other dance styles like ochos, foot traps, cross overs, pedestals and more. As always Jeff will put an emphasis on how to do these well with good dynamic and connection.

November 30th, 2019 4:30 PM   through   7:15 PM
42 Erb Street East
Waterloo, ON N2J 1L7
Regular $ 50.00
Student $ 45.00
Hepcats member $ 45.00
Hepcats member (student) $ 40.00